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Furnace On The Fritz? Time To Repair It

If your furnace seems sluggish or unable to heat up your home properly, it may be time to repair your heater. Although furnaces last a long time before they quit, the heating appliances can slow down over time. If your furnace doesn't get hot enough during the winter, it can make you and your home feel uncomfortable. Learn why your furnace is running poorly below. 

Why Is Your Furnace Running Poorly?

If your area becomes very cold in the fall and in the winter months, you may operate your furnace more than you wish to do so. If your furnace stays on all day long, it can gradually wear out from the stress. Stress can make your furnace run poorly throughout the cold season.

Many things can stress out your furnace during the winter, including a malfunctioning blower system. The blower system is designed to move warm air through your furnace. If the blower fails to move air properly, your furnace won't create enough heat to push through your home. Your furnace will do several things to overcome the issue, including running all day long. The stress will eventually make your furnace overheat or burn out. 

A number of other critical things can make your furnace run sluggishly as well, including a clogged air filter and a cracked heat exchanger. If you don't learn the cause of your heater's problems now, it may seriously affect you later. You can find the answers you seek by calling a heater repair contractor for help. 

How Do You Repair a Sluggish Furnace?

In order for a heating repair contractor to get to the root of your furnace's problems, they must perform a diagnostic check on it. During the diagnostic check, a contractor will:

If the thermostat's batteries or settings are off, it won't be able to determine the temperature inside your home. The thermostat will also struggle to tell your furnace when to cycle off and on. If a contractor changes the thermostat's batteries or resets its components, the device should be able to tell your furnace when to cycle off and on again. 

If the blower system is damaged, a contractor will most likely replace it. The new blower system should be able to push air through the furnace again. If a contractor finds cracks in the heat exchanger, you may need to get a new furnace. Cracked heat exchangers can be dangerous if they allow toxins into your home.

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