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Installing Helical Piers May Be The Best Way To Raise And Stabilize The Sinking Foundation Of Your Building

If your building has a sinking foundation, your contractor might recommend repairing the situation with helical piers. This is a common type of foundation repair that limits the amount of disruption needed to lift and stabilize a foundation. Here's how helical piers work.

Helical Piers Are Made From Durable Steel

The piers are strong and durable since they're made from steel. This eliminates the need to build concrete piers on the site. The piers last for many years, and they can hold both large and small buildings. The depth they're placed in the ground is determined by the weight of the load.

They come in several sizes and have a plate on top for bearing the weight of a wall. The pier has brackets that attach to the foundation so the load of the building can be transferred to the pier with a hydraulic jack.

Helical Piers Are Less Disruptive To Install

Some foundation repair methods require digging up landscaping and the foundation. There is much less disruption with helical piers. The piers usually surround the building at calculated distances.

Each pier requires digging a hole near the foundation to a depth of a few feet. Once a pier is in a hole, it can be screwed deeper into the ground. A helical pier looks sort of like a big screw or auger. That makes it easy to get it in the ground and provides enough support to hold up a building.

Much of the work of installing these piers can be done with hand tools. However, the contractor may also use a small excavator. These piers can be installed inside the building or outside.

Your Building May Or May Not Be Lifted Fully

Raising a sunken foundation using helical piers can sometimes close a crack perfectly and restore normal movement to doors and windows. Other times, it may not be advisable to lift the building enough to align and close cracks. However, the building will be stabilized, but the crack may still exist and need to be closed later.

Helical piers are a good choice for problem soils. The piers can be used in loose and compact soil. Plus, they can be installed during all seasons and soil conditions. If you're dealing with a sinking foundation, installing helical piers could be the right solution.

However, the foundation contractor will make a recommendation for repairing your foundation based on the condition of your building, the cause of the sinking, and soil conditions. Sometimes, it may be necessary to combine foundation repair methods to get the best long-lasting results.