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Is Vinyl Siding The Right Choice For Your Home?

Many homeowners put vinyl siding on their homes because of the many benefits that it can provide, while there are some downsides to owning vinyl siding as well, it is important to know both the pros and cons so that you can decide if vinyl siding is the right choice for you.

Vinyl Siding Advantages

Vinyl siding is frequently used because of how affordable it is. When you compare vinyl siding to brick or wood material, vinyl siding is clearly the low-cost option that still looks great. This can make vinyl siding an attractive option for any homeowners that want to improve the look of their exterior without making a huge dent in their bank account.

It is also incredibly easy to maintain vinyl siding. The material doesn't need to be sanded, stained, or sealed over time, which leads to very little actual maintenance. You don't even have to paint vinyl siding, because the color of the material is throughout the entire piece of vinyl. At most, you'll need to clean off vinyl siding with soap and water, and that's only if the material gets dirty.

Vinyl siding is also quite durable, with it being capable of withstanding heavy rain, high winds, and other harsh weather. The material will resist insect damage, so you don't have to worry about those pests eating away at parts of the siding that you cannot see. 

Vinyl Siding Disadvantages

Be aware that vinyl siding is not the most environmentally friendly material. The PVC is not going to biodegrade on its own, and can actually release harmful chemicals if disposed of improperly. Vinyl siding also requires quite a bit of energy to produce new material, which contributes to emitting greenhouse gasses. 

Your vinyl siding is also susceptible to damage. While it can withstand normal weather, it won't be able to withstand impact damage. Any storm with flying debris runs the risk of damaging part of the siding. While it is possible to replace broken sections, it is something that you would rather avoid. That's because you'll need replacement pieces of siding on hand, and identical material can be difficult to find years down the road. 

The color of vinyl siding can also fade over time. If your home has constant exposure to the sun with very little shade, you may notice the fading color in parts where the sun hits the material the most. 

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