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Will A Roof Replacement Project Be A Challenge?

Roofing replacement is a type of project that can pose some challenges. However, not all projects are difficult. There are several key factors that'll determine if your roof replacement effort will go easily or not.


The purpose of replacing a roof is to get rid of old materials. This ensures that everything on top of a house is fresh, allowing you some peace of mind. However, many homeowners elect to apply several layers of roofing materials on top of a house, even if their state's laws don't allow it.

More layers will always mean harder work. The roofers will have to strip more stuff off of the roof, and they'll need to use more roll-off dumpsters to get rid of the mess. Also, every layer is a potential source of leaks, soft spots, and trapped mold. Ideally, you should redo a shingle roof after it has had four layers. Bear in mind, though, that your state's laws may limit you to a lower number.


A roof's slope may pose some major risks. Especially if the slope is steep, the contractors will need specialized equipment. They may need to install temporary platforms so they can handle the process of stripping the materials. Likewise, you can expect them to need more and bigger ladders if the roof is tall and very sloped.

The Condition of the Underlying Decking

If you're lucky, the decking underlying the roof will still be in good enough shape for a roof replacement job. The decking is a layer of plywood. Roofers anchor shingles and other materials into the roof by driving nails into the decking.

The potential problem with a roof's decking is that moisture may damage it. If there has been an undetected leak through the shingles for a long time, the moisture could cause the plywood to rot. As the plywood softens, it can bow. In extreme cases, the materials could simply deteriorate and disappear.

Compromised decking requires additional work. The contractors will have to pull up the plywood and check the condition of any supporting wood. If there are problems, the contractors will have to replace the wood before they can reinstall the decking.

Roof Size

Finally, the size of the roof can impose problems. Once more, this is because removing more materials inherently requires more work. Not only do the roofing replacement contractors have to strip the surface, but they also have to bring more materials up to replace the old ones.

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