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Adding A Bedroom In Your Home? 6 Things It Must Have

One of the most common remodeling projects for many American families is the addition of a bedroom. There are many different paths to adding a bedroom to your home. Which should you take? The best way to find the space and configuration — as well as to decide how much you may need to expand — is to understand what's required in a bedroom. Here are a few things all your bedrooms may need to have.

1. Sufficient Square Footage. Most states and cities have minimum requirements about the size of the bedroom's floor plan. If the minimum in your area is, for instance, 70 square feet, you can craft this with a room that is 7x10 feet, 8x9 feet, or 10x9. What matters for this standard is the total. 

2. A Minimum Width. Unfortunately, minimum size standards do extend to one part of your overall square footage. The bedroom must generally meet a minimum width. So, to achieve that 70 square foot minimum above in a city with a 7-foot minimum width, you cannot design a bedroom that is 6x12 feet. 

3. A Window for Exit. Many communities require that your bedrooms all have a window and that this window is of at least a minimum size. The reason is not to make the bedroom more comfortable (although it usually does) but to provide an emergency exit. 

4. A Closet. The necessity of a closet in a bedroom is up for debate among homeowners and buyers. But your local regulations may require it. If they do, the closet must generally be permanent and accessible directly from the bedroom (no cheating by sharing a closet with your neighbor!). 

5. Temperature Control. The standards regarding how comfortable the bedroom must be are usually of less concern for homeowners remodeling their interior space. However, if you plan to expand outward or enclose a porch or patio to add on, make sure you know what temperature control standards you must meet. These make the bedroom livable by local rules. 

6. Visual Appeal. Finally, don't forget that you want to appeal to future home buyers. An additional bedroom is a popular amenity on paper, but the real thing must also entice them. A room that's too sandwiched in or which draws attention to being added after the fact could turn off buyers. If you do need to squeeze in a bedroom, consider building it so it can be undone later on. 

Where to Start

Ready to get started designing an additional bedroom that meets all the minimum requirements in your area and is comfortable for everyone? Begin by meeting with a professional home remodeling contractor in your area today.