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Remodeling The Kitchen? 5 Reasons To Replace Its Windows Too

As you plan your kitchen remodeling project, you may be able to save time and money by keeping certain aspects of the space intact. One of the most common elements that owners decide to leave alone is the windows. But should you actually replace those windows instead of saving them? Here are a few reasons to do just that.

1. They're Outdated. As you update the rest of the kitchen, your goal will be a new, fresh space that looks great. But old, outdated windows can ruin that overall look. They may look cheap next to the upgrades, and the new materials around them could even accentuate their flaws. 

2. They're Not Energy Efficient. Probably the number one benefit of replacing old windows with new ones is an improvement in energy efficiency. If your kitchen still has single pane windows, you should definitely consider updating them to improve the comfort of the room. However, even double pane window technology has changed. Energy efficiency is particularly important if the kitchen is already prone to temperature problems. 

3. They Can Be Moved. Would your new kitchen work better if you move the window? This can open up more choices in changing the layout or floor plan as you're not tied to any element. It also gives you the opportunity to take advantage of better views, more (or less) sunlight, or even the addition of multiple windows to make the kitchen more airy. 

4. The Style Could be Better. Kitchen windows come in a variety of styles these days. So don't overlook the value of changing the type of window in your new kitchen. For example, a wide garden window could let in more light and provide a unique and beautiful feature. Or perhaps you could enjoy the breeze more if you swap out a double-hung window for a casement window. 

5. They Don't Match. You may not immediately think of windows in terms of theme and architecture, but they have a visual impact — for better or worse. This is especially important if your home has a distinct architectural style (such as Cape Cod or Victorian) or you're building a specific thematic look for the new kitchen. In these cases, assess honestly where there is a better style to fit your aesthetic. 

Where to Start

Want help deciding if updating one or more kitchen windows could be a valuable part of your upcoming remodel? Start by meeting with a kitchen remodeling contractor today to learn more.