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Popular Options In Patio Rock Materials You Can Use To Build A Patio For Summer Relaxation And Grilling

If it's time to put a patio in your backyard so you can spend summers lounging and grilling, you need to decide on the type of material you'll use to make the patio. While concrete slabs are popular options, you may want something a little more attractive and unique. In that case, look into patio rock materials. Here are some options.

Large Irregular Rocks

Sandstone is a good option for a patio. The rocks are large and flat so they form a good surface for walking and supporting patio chairs. Sandstone has earthy colors, such as tan, yellow, and brown. It's a type of flagstone, and there are other types of flagstone that come in different colors. Flagstone is a popular type of rock for patios and other landscaping features such as walkways since it's attractive and easy to work with.

You can build a sandstone patio yourself if you don't have trouble lifting the heavy rocks. You can fill the space between the stones with gravel or dirt for ease of installation. Sandstone drains water quickly, so it's a good choice if you'll build your patio near your pool area.

Cut Rocks

Some big rocks can be cut into blocks and put together to form patio pavers. An example is travertine pavers. These can be more difficult to install since they usually need to line up perfectly, where large, irregular sandstone rocks can be placed in any design. However, since cut stones are square or rectangular, they can be used to create interesting geometric shapes.

Another option for cut rocks is slate cut in the shape of tiles. Slate has an attractive blue to purple color that could give your patio some glamour. The space between the cut rocks can be filled with sand to keep the rocks from moving around, or you might fill the space with tiny colorful gravel for an interesting look.

Loose Gravel

If you'll be installing the patio yourself, consider gravel, which is one of the easiest types of patio rock materials to work with. Gravel comes in different looks, colors, sizes, and shapes. River rocks often come in tan and other earth colors. They are light enough to stay cool and since they are round, they are comfortable for walking on bare feet.

Don't rule out white jagged gravel because you think it will hurt your feet. It isn't too bad to walk on, and since it is in jagged irregular shapes it sticks together better than smooth, round gravel.

Loose gravel can also be combined with rock pavers and tiles to add a textural appearance to your patio. Gravel is easy to work with since it's light. You can have it delivered by the truckload and then spread it where you want the gravel in your yard.

Since there are many rocks you can use to build a patio, visit a landscaping center that sells patio rock material so you can compare sizes and colors for yourself. Keep in mind that dark colors may get hot while lighter colors should stay cooler. Also, gravel will move around, so you'll need a border that you might want to make out of bigger rocks that won't move.