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Restoring Your Home After A Disaster

Unfortunately, it can be possible for your home to suffer damage due to a variety of disasters. In many cases, the home will need to undergo restoration work before it can be safely occupied. More specifically, there are a few types of disaster damage restoration that are particularly common.

Fire Damage Restoration

Fires have the potential to cause extensive damage to your home. Even small fires can easily cause widespread damage throughout the interior of the home. In addition to the damage from the flames, the smoke residue that it can produce will also need to be addressed. These residues can contain a variety of toxic chemicals, and cleaning any smoke residue or soot can require specialized gear to safely do. Due to this risk, you should avoid spending time in the structure until it has been fully restored to minimize accidental exposure to dangerous or toxic substances.

Flood Damage Restoration

Flooding of the interior can be another common type of disaster that will require professionals to repair. While individuals typically assume flooding is caused by strong storms, it is more common for this damage to occur as a result of plumbing failures. A pipe rupturing can lead to the interior of a home filling with several inches or more of water. In cases where the leak was from a sewer line, it can be extremely hazardous and unsanitary in the areas that suffered flooding. This can be one of the more problematic types of flooding damage, as it will require specialized water damage restoration services to be able to effectively sanitize these areas so that they can be safe for occupation again.

Storm Damage Restoration

Storms can cause extensive damage to a home, but individuals will often focus on the damage that this can cause to the exterior of the structure. In reality, it is possible for a storm to damage the interior of a home in a number of ways. One example of this can be the storm breaking a window and allowing water, debris and other materials to enter the house. Depending on the strength of the wind, this can drive water deep into the interior of the home. Furthermore, it is possible for multiple windows to be damaged, which can increase the damage that is suffered. A residential disaster restoration contractor will be able to assist you with determining the extent of the storm damage to your home so that you are aware of the full range of structural issues that need to be repaired and general restoration work that must be completed.

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