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Why Does Your Roof Have Discolored Shingles?

A discolored roof is an eyesore that will detract from your well-manicured lawn. Although discolored roofs are unsightly, they're not uncommon, especially in humid areas. Fortunately, the discoloration doesn't appear overnight. It's often an accumulation of dirt, mold, mildew, and algae. 

To prevent discoloration from appearing, consider hiring residential roofing services to help with regular maintenance. Here is why your roof is discolored.


If you notice black or green streaks forming on your roof, you likely have an algae problem. It's not enough to warrant a roof replacement since you can treat it. Algae thrive on roofs with asphalt shingles as it can feed off the powdered limestone filter added to shingles during manufacturing. Algae growth won't cause significant damage, but it's an eyesore that can affect curb appeal. 

Manufacturers are trying to combat the problem by adding zinc and copper into the shingles. This acts as a deterrent that will prevent algae growth. If your roof doesn't contain these products, you can hire residential roofing services to control the algae growth. 

The residential roofing services can clean and restore the shine to your roof. They can also recommend measures to prevent recurring algae growth. 


If you notice a green and fuzzy growth on your roof, you may have a moss problem. Moss thrives in damp and cool environments. If left unchecked, moss growth can pose serious damage to your roof. It can expand across your roof in days. 

While it doesn't pose any danger to you, it's effective at absorbing moisture, leading to structural damage. Moss can grow in cracks; thus, it can loosen your shingles and allow water to leak to the supporting structure. 

Also, it absorbs moisture and can retain it for extended periods. This means that it can expose your roof's framing to moisture, causing it to decay over time. If you have a moss problem, contact residential roofing services to clean it and repair any related damage. 

Old Age 

Over time your roof will experience wear and tear from the elements. Proper maintenance can help slow the aging process, but it's inevitable. After several years or decades, the color on your shingles will begin to fade. 

Typically, roofs will last a few decades but can last longer depending on the materials you use. If you notice the discoloration and other issues associated with aging, consider replacing your roof. Hire a local roofer to inspect your roof and determine whether replacing it is necessary.