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Server Room HVAC Selection for Business Owners

Setting up a data center or a server room is often not easy. Not only do you have to focus on security and hardware configurations, but you also have to focus on keeping the environment cool and consistent to protect your equipment. Since server equipment generates heat when it runs and too much heat in the server room can damage the equipment, you need to prioritize the cooling system in the space. Here are a few things to think about when you are setting up a commercial HVAC system installation for your server room.

Focus on Airflow 

From the layout of your data racks to the placement of the air ducts, you need to consider airflow as you design the space. Remember that all the cooling air you can get is going to be useless if it isn't flowing around all of the equipment in the room and distributing evenly throughout the space.

If you don't focus on the airflow in the space and placement of the equipment, you'll end up with hot spots in the room that could put your data center or server room at risk of overheating damage.

Separate the Air Production and Return Vents

Talk with your HVAC contractor about the placement of your output and return vents in the room. You'll want to keep them separate so that you're not competing with the air being drawn in when you push cool air out. Further, you'll also want to be sure that you aren't simply recirculating the cold air, but also drawing in any potential warm air to get it out of the room. Your installation technician will evaluate the airflow in the room to optimize these placements for you.

Don't Go Overboard

It's tempting to choose a cooling system that is significantly larger than what you really need. After all, then you know for sure that the equipment will stay cool. Unfortunately, not only will this cost you more in operation and investment, but it also puts your equipment at risk.

If you can't manage the temperature well in the room, as can happen when the cooling system is overpowered, the space can actually get too cold. Just as excessive heat can be damaging to the equipment, so can excessive cold temperatures. As a result, you need to make sure that whatever you choose for your cooling system is sufficient for keeping the room cool, but not unnecessarily large.