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Building Your Dream Home? You Likely Have These 3 Questions

Have you been looking for your next home but can't seem to find it? This may have led you to look into hiring a custom home contractor to build the home of your dreams. Here are some questions that you will likely have for your home contractor before you get started.

Can You Supply Your Own Materials?

One of the things many people have questions about when building their home is if the contractor is able to supply their own materials not for the construction of the home's framing but of what goes inside it. For example, you may want to shop for a specific type of kitchen cabinets, vanity for the bathroom, or even the style of the specific front door that goes on the home.

It is always a good idea to ask your contractor what their policy is on this. They may allow you to supply those items, or they may insist on procuring the items for you. This could be due to wanting to make sure the right materials are purchased, or because they can get a better deal on buying the materials at wholesale prices. 

What Kind Of Upgrade Options Will You Have?

When you work with a custom home contractor, they will likely give you prices for the base cost of the home. There are then a huge variety of upgrades that you can make beyond the basic home features. For example, you may be given a price for basic carpeting in all the rooms of your home, but there would be an upgrade for a more luxurious style of carpeting. If you wanted to upgrade to a nicer hardwood, that would be an additional upgrade cost. Make sure that you know what your options are for upgrades, and that you are getting the features that you want. 

How Much Can Existing Plans Be Altered?

Many custom homes are based on selecting an existing plan. However, it is common to want to make modifications to those plans to make it exactly how you want. Know that it is possible to modify the plans, but they will need to be signed off by an architect to make sure that the plans are still practical to build. Your construction company can let you know what the costs would be to modify an existing plan so that you can decide if the modification you want will be worth the cost. 

Reach out to a custom home contractor for more information.