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Planning For Paws: Creating A Custom Home For You And Your Pets

If you are an avid pet parent, you may want to take your fur babies into consideration when building a custom home. Built-in features designed just for pets can make them feel more comfortable and can help make your life a bit easier. Here are just a few ideas to discuss with your custom home builder.

Dog Wash Station

Adding a dog wash station can take some of the hassle out of bathing your pet. This option can be a small standup shower in the basement, but you can also add it to the mud room to quickly rinse off your pets when they come in from playing outside. Your pet shower should have a floor drain and handheld shower head for easy cleaning, and it should be large enough to accommodate the largest breed of dog you might consider owning. This makes it easier to plan for additions to your canine family. You may also want to consider a swing-out door to help prevent dripping dogs from running through the home. Add built-in cabinets next to the dog wash station to keep soaps, towels, and treats handy.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Finding space to store dog and cat food in the home can sometimes be a challenge. Work with your home builder to create tilt-out cabinets with bins to hold pet food. You can simply open the cabinet and grab a scoop at mealtime for easy feeding. If you have pets who adore wet food, think about adding a cabinet with a lazy Susan to hold all the different varieties. Pullout drawers with built-spaces for food and water dishes create instant space for feeding, and they can be tucked away between meals to help keep your pets on a daily schedule.

Enclosed Patio

Some pets love sunbathing, but keeping your furry friends in the yard all day can be problematic. Instead, ask your builder to design an enclosed patio to create dedicated fresh air space for your pets. You can have ledges, shelves, and scratching posts built into the design for cats, or you can add a bench for a dog bed to satisfy your canine companion. Be sure that the patio faces direct sunlight for part of the day to ensure maximum enjoyment. You can also have a dog run built right outside the patio door for days you don't feel like taking your pet for a walk. Be sure to install scratch-resistant flooring or indoor/outdoor carpeting in this space to withstand the heavy paw traffic.

Keep these pet options in mind as you consider your custom home building project.