General Contractors and All They Do

3 Questions to Ask Your Contractor When Getting an Estimate

You've dreamt up the perfect room remodel, chosen your hardware and accents, and are ready to get a quote from a general contractor. Here are 3 more questions you should ask before you hire a contractor. 

1. What Is The Cost of Materials and Labor?

Yes, you want the bottom-line dollar amount of what your room remodel will cost once all the dust settles. But you should also know the breakdown of what those dollars are paying for. Ask your contractor how much of the estimated price is for materials and how much is for labor.

It's helpful to know the difference so you can understand both where money can be saved and where unexpected costs might come from. If materials are more than you expected, you can see if the contractor would allow you to shop around for cheaper options. If the job takes more time than estimated, you'll already know the cost of each additional hour until it's complete. 

2. How Long Will This Project Take?

No matter which part of your home or office you're remodeling, you need to know how long that space will be out of commission. Some rooms such as kitchens or bathrooms may require you to make temporary accommodations somewhere else until the job is finished. 

An experienced general contractor should be able to give you an estimate of how many days it will take them to complete a job. You'll also want to arrange which dates they are available to start, work on, and finish your project. Contractors may be working on multiple projects at once, so make sure you know ahead of time whether yours can devote uninterrupted time to your project. 

3. Are You Licensed and Insured?

It may go without saying, but it's always a good idea to make sure the general contractor you're about to hire is properly licensed. Different states have different licensing requirements, but all of them are in place for the safety of both contractors and their customers. 

Contractors should carry general contractor liability insurance that will protect them in the case of accidental injury or property damage. Be sure to ask if they carry this insurance before any work begins. 

You may also want to check your homeowner's insurance policy for specifics about your own personal liability before any work is done. It's just safer to know ahead of time that you and your contractor are covered if the worst should happen.

For more information, contact a general contractor in your area.