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4 Improvements For New Siding Installation That Will Give You A Durable Exterior Finish And Energy Efficiency

Before you get ready to install new siding on your home, you will want to plan these improvements. Adding features like sheathing and house wrap can help protect your home. Choosing the right materials and the design can also help make the installation of new siding more durable, as well as improve the energy efficiency of your home. The following new siding installation improvements will give you an exterior finish that is more durable and energy efficient:

1. Install New Durable Insulated Sheathing for Backing When Installing Your New Siding

The uneven surfaces and defects of the exterior of your home can be visible if new siding is just installed directly over them. Therefore, you will want to consider installing rigid insulated sheathing before the siding is installed. This sheathing can be used to correct problems and defects that may be noticeable after the siding is installed on your home's exterior.

2. Use Spray Foam to Seal Any Cracks and Air Leaks Before House Wrap and New Siding Is Installed

When you remove old finishes and prepare to install new siding, there may be cracks, holes, and other air leaks that are exposed. Before you install the new siding, use cans of spray foam to seal these areas to stop energy loss and improve your new siding installation.

3. Seal the Exterior of Your Home with a House Wrap Material to Reduce Energy Loss

The exterior of your home is also vulnerable to problems with energy loss and moisture problems with only sheathing behind the siding. Therefore, you will want to have a house wrap material installed and use special tape to seal around window and door openings. This will stop air leaks, prevent moisture problems, and improve the thermal barriers of exterior walls.

4. Choose the Right Siding Materials for Durability and the Energy Needs of Your Home

There are many different siding materials to choose from for your home. You want to choose materials that are durable and provide good energy benefits. If you plan on using vinyl siding, use systems with foam backing for a more durable finish. If you are going to use materials like fiber cement siding, you will also want to do other insulation improvements to exterior walls to make sure the siding is energy-efficient.

These are some of the improvements that will give the siding of your home a more durable and energy-efficient finish. If you are ready to improve the exterior of your home with siding, contact a siding installation service like Keystone Builders Inc and talk to them about these improvements for your home.