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4 Foundation Repair Tips To Help You Prevent Problems With Water In Basements And Crawl Spaces

There are several types of foundation systems used in modern home designs. The two common foundations that have problems with water damage are crawl spaces and basements. In crawl spaces, problems are often overlooked; in basements, remodeling and finished spaces are vulnerable to water and moisture problems. The following tips will help prevent damage to your crawl space or basement foundation:

1. Crawl Spaces and the Water Table Can Lead to Problems with Moisture, Mold, and Damage

The water table is something that can cause problems with the crawl space in your home. This is due to things like heavy rains and high water tables. This problem can cause the water to seep up into the foundation. When the water gets into the crawl space, it often has nowhere to go and can puddle, cause damage, and create mold problems. The water can also cause erosion and problems with soil that lead to structural damage. To deal with these problems, sump pumps, drainage, and encapsulation can help.

2. Issues with Air Leaks and Energy Loss that Cause Problems in the Foundation of Your Home

The air leaks in your home can cause energy loss, and they often start in areas like crawl space foundations. This is usually due to poor or damaged insulation, lack of encapsulation, and bad ventilation. To solve these problems, you will want to update the insulation and encapsulation in your basement. Improving cross ventilation will also help prevent problems in the crawl space of your home.

3. Moisture and Drainage Problems that Lead to Erosion and Cause Water Damage

The problems due to moisture and drainage are common in both crawl spaces and basements. Moisture gets in due to watershed and drainage that is poorly designed and drains against the foundation. This causes water to seep in, where it can cause serious problems if it goes unnoticed for too long. Therefore, to prevent these types of foundation problems you will want to improve the drainage on the exterior of your home.

4. Problems with Structural Damage in Basements Due to Groundwater and Static Pressure

Basement foundations are also vulnerable to many different structural damage problems. These problems are usually due to the static pressure that is caused by groundwater. The static pressure causes foundation walls to crack and waterproofing to fail. Problems with footings and structural loads in the basement can also be caused by moisture and water problems. Good waterproofing systems and a sump pump in the basement can help prevent these problems.

These are some tips to help with the repairs that basement and crawl space foundations often need. If you need help with the water problems that cause damage to your home's foundation, contact a residential foundation repair service for more information.