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Keep Your Septic Flowing: Signs You Need to Have Your Effluent Filter Cleaned

If you haven't started on a regular septic system maintenance plan, now's the time to take care of that. Proper septic performance requires more than two empty tanks. It also requires a clean effluent filter. Unfortunately, most people forget about the filter, which can lead to serious problems. If you're not sure that your effluent filter needs to be cleaned, here are three signs you should be aware of.

Your Cleanout Drains Are Clogged with Waste

If your effluent filter isn't clean, there's a good chance that your cleanout drains are filled with solid waste. The effluent filter helps keep wastewater flowing through to the seepage field. A clogged effluent filter blocks the flow of water, which causes the tank to fill prematurely. The thicker the sludge level gets, the more clogged the cleanout drains become. To ensure adequate water flow, have the effluent filter cleaned each time you have your septic system serviced.

Your Kitchen and Bathroom Drains Are Sluggish

Clogged cleanout drains aren't the only problem that can be caused by a dirty effluent filter. Failure to provide proper maintenance for your filter can also cause your kitchen and bathroom drains to become sluggish. That's because the excess water in the tank creates a situation where waste backs up through your household drains. As a result, your drains won't flow as freely as they should. If the problem has gotten serious enough, you could also end up with standing water in your bathtubs and showers. Luckily, a clean effluent filter will prevent the sluggishness.

Solid Waste Was Found Inside Your Liquid Waste Septic Tank

Finally, when you send any type of waste through your drains, the solid waste is stored in the first tank and the wastewater filters through to the second tank. The effluent filter is located between both tanks. When the filter is clean, wastewater flows to the second tank. When the filter isn't clean, the water remains in the solid waste tank. As the levels rise in the tank, so does the solid waste. When that happens, you may end up with solid waste in the liquid holding tank. If your septic service technician found solid waste in your liquid holding tank, have your effluent filter cleaned.

Don't let unexpected problems compromise the performance of your septic system. Have your effluent filter cleaned each time you have your septic system serviced.

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